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It ain’t that easy…

This is a guest post from Themis (pseudonym), a parent with experience of the family courts. It was originally sent to us as a comment in response to our post A Plea for Help, in which we put out a call for writers. We felt it deserved its' own post: Must be a bit...

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How do family courts use ‘barring orders’?

One of the tasks of the new review of family courts and domestic abuse announced last month by the MoJ is to examine courts’ use of barring orders. (By the way, we don't know when the three months for the review starts, although we are now three weeks in from the...

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Court of Protection

NB on Re NB

At the beginning of April 2019, a Press Association report of an interim hearing at the Court of Protection provoked a number of newspaper headlines and outraged reactions, because it quoted a High Court judge, Mr Justice Hayden, as having spoken of a “fundamental...

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Hi @MetroUK @jencents. Might you start linking reports to the anonymised published family court judgments for online readers' fuller info? Thanks
Woman who has had seven children taken away is pregnant with eighth child via @MetroUK