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“Love her how I love her”

On the 3rd of April, BBC News published this story on their local news site for Leeds and West Yorkshire. The Metro and Sky News also picked up on the story nationally with the description of a mum who "puts toddler up for adoption". Both pieces describe the...

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Family Court Reporting Watch

Correcting, clarifying or commenting on media reports of family court casesExplaining or commenting on published judgments of family court casesHighlighting other transparency news MEDIA (MIS)REPORTS OF FAMILY COURT CASES The Times, the Guardian and others - Most...

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Court of Protection

Does a man have a right to sex with his wife?

There has been a lot of coverage of remarks apparently made by Mr Justice Hayden this week about the 'fundamental human right' of a man to have sex with his wife. We think that the press coverage and twitter interest emanate from a Press Association (PA) newswire...

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Finding fault in the reporting of no fault divorce

Jo Edwards "DIVORCE MADE EASY." "DIVORCE ON DEMAND." "QUICKER DIVORCES ON THE CARDS."  "MORE BROKEN FAMILIES." These (and other similar) headlines screamed from the front pages of newspapers across the country this week as, after fevered anticipation, the...

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Hi great to see that it is now fully open access and available. It wasn't this morning from your link at your news item that instead specifically said permissions were required:

Great to see the new 'Achieving consensus: advice for paediatricians & other health professionals on prevention, recognition & management of conflict in paediatric practice' is now publicly available via link from the RCPCH news item: Thanks @RCPCHtweets