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Avodart is used for treating symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia or enlargement of the prostate gland.

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Avodart generic cost 2.95 4.5 5 kolokotron generic cost 2.95 4.5 5 kotopin generic cost 2.95 4.5 5 lansoprazole generic cost 2.95 4.5 5 omeprazole generic cost 2.95 4.5 5 oxcarbazepine generic cost 2.95 4.5 5 prizepine generic cost 2.95 4.5 5 quetiapine generic cost 2.95 4.5 5 reboxetine generic cost 2.95 4.5 5 sertraline generic cost 2.95 4.5 5 trazodone generic cost 2.95 4.5 5 trazodone generic cost 2.95 4.5 5 venlafaxine generic cost 2.95 4.5 5 zotepine generic cost 2.95 4.5 5 As mentioned previously, some drugs are more costly in the United States than when purchased in the Netherlands, although both countries generally have similar drug costs. The US dollar has gone on a free ride which has made it very difficult to compare the price of drugs in United States to the price in other countries. The first chart below highlights prices for generic drugs, as reported by the US FDA in 2018. Most generic drugs cost between $30 and $115. Prices are less than half in the Netherlands. Generic Drugs The lowest generics costs in Netherlands were the region known as "A" class (A-class drugs are listed in both pounds per tablet and kilograms pill). On average, the lowest cost for a generic drug was $4.15, while the highest cost was $65.00. While the price is lower in Netherlands, some generics are still high, such as alprostadil (Eupro and Provera). Many countries in Western Europe, including France, Italy, and Switzerland, have no price difference in generic drugs between prescription and the non-prescription brands available over counter. Comparison Chart: All Generic Drugs The second chart below lists generic costs for all Avodart 0.5mg $271.3 - $0.75 Per pill categories of prescription drugs for which the average price was provided by the Dutch Pharmacists Association for 2017. Prices generic drugs are the lowest in Netherlands at approximately $4.00 per pill. Prices have decreased by about 37% since 2014. Note that this price chart only contains generic drugs for which prices were provided by the Dutch Pharmacists Association in 2017. If your local pharmacy does not offer generics, check with your doctor or a pharmacist in your area for prescription drugs that are similar to the drugs listed in this chart. Drugs Category Generic Prices for 2017, by Category Cost in Netherlands Lowest Generic of category 1 cost 2 Lowest Generic of category 3 cost 4 Lowest Generic of category 5 cost 6 Most expensive Generic of category.

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