Resources and information for journalists and bloggers

We are planning to provide a range of resources and information for journalists and bloggers on this page. At the moment it is a work in progress, but please do let us know what additions you think might be useful.

Transparency means different things to different people. We’ve prepared a Transparency Toolkit giving an overview of some of the varied aspects of transparency in the Family Court.

If you are working on a programme, article or feature related to family law or family courts, we may be able to provide a representative for interview who can give a plain english explanation of cases in the news or of legal process, or who can discuss questions of transparency in family courts.

In the first instance contact Lucy Reed using (with Transparency Project in the subject line) and we will try and find someone who is available.

We do not give legal advice to media organisations or individual writers / publishers, but can explain the basics of the law around privacy in the Family Court.

The Transparency Project and its project group members are sometimes featured or mentioned in the media or legal publications. We’ve collected some examples.

TP in the media

Media Guide – this is due for publication shortly. We are holding a launch event in April 2017, details will appear on the blog and the events page. The guide will be available in printed, pdf and online format below.