Core Group

All our group members contribute to the comment and discussions on this website in their personal capacity.

We’ve collected together examples of where our members have appeared in the media on or around transparency or family law issues on our TP in the media page.

Lucy is a practising family lawyer based at St John’s Chambers, and legal blogger at Pink Tape. She tweets as @familoo.

Lucy Reed

Lawyer, blogger, @familoo


Sarah P has been a family law barrister since 1999 and is one of the site administrators of the Child Protection Resource which aims to demystify and child protection process for parents and professionals. Sarah tweets as @SVPhillimore.

Sarah Phillimore

Lawyer, blogger, Child Protection Resource

Julie D

Lecturer in Law, Cardiff University

Barrister at 4 Brick Court, blogger and author of Children In Law

Jacqui Gilliatt


Non-practising family law solicitor who advises families at the Family Rights Group

Alice Twaite


Paul trained as a barrister and works as a legal journalist, law reporter and blogger. He regularly comments on legal developments on the ICLR blog, and tweets as @maggotlaw.

Paul Magrath

Law reporter, blogger and editor, ICLR

Freelance journalist specialising in education and social affairs.

Louise Tickle


Researcher based at the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, University of London, and director of the Information Law & Policy Centre, with a particular interest in public & journalistic access to information, and specifically, access to courts & judicial data.

Judith Townend


Emma is a lecturer in law at  the University of Winchester. She teaches family law and child law as well as law of torts. Previously, Emma was a part-time lecturer at the University of Southampton from 2011-2014, where she is currently completing her PhD. Emma’s Expertise lie in children’s rights,  Healthcare law, family law,legal aspects of sexual and reproductive health, medical ethics and bioethics.

Emma N

Lecturer in law, @emmacnottingham

Barrister at 5 Stone Buildings, specialises in Court of Protection property & affairs cases and inheritance & trusts disputes. Interested in transparency and public understanding of the law.

Barbara Rich

Barrister, @barbararich_law


All our contributors contribute to the comment and discussions on this website in their personal capacity.

Lawyer, writer, advocate & teacher.

David Burrows


McKenzie Friend/Lay Adviser – assisting & supporting families going through Family & Child Care Proceedings

Jerry Lonsdale



David Chaplin


Social worker, non-practising solicitor

Allan Norman