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Notably accurate (or otherwise transparency positive) reports

The Daily Mail amended their headline on request


The Guardian linked to the All Parliamentary Report No Good Option


Misleading headline

The Telegraph suggested Poppi Worthington’s father (not the Legal Aid Agency) caused the further adjournment of Poppy’s  second inquest





FF v KF [2017] EWHC 1093 (Fam) (12 May 2017) – An unsuccessful appeal financial remedy case, where Mr Justice Mostyn reminds us that Appeals in the High Court are not heard in open court unless the court makes an order to that effect.


S v SP & CAFCASS [2016] EWHC 3673 – a case in which a parent attempted to commit a CAFCASS Officer to prison for disclosing information to the police in breach of court rules, which was said to be a contempt of court. The CAFCASS Officer had not broken the court rules and wasn’t in contempt of court.


Re W (A Child) (No’s 2 & 3) [2017] EWHC 917 & 1032 (Fam) – further instalment of the case where a father was challenging the making of an adoption order where the original care and placement orders had been overturned on appeal, but the child had already been placed for adoption. Permission to appeal and to leapfrog straight to the Supreme Court was refused.



Clarifying facts misreported from the ‘Reporting the Family Courts: Are we doing it Justice’ event


Open Letter to the Transparency Project and our reply


Pink Tape (Lucy Reed) on the President’s guidance about judicial co-operation with Serious Case Reviews


The Transparency Project now have a monthly column in Family Law journal


The Young Legal Aid Lawyers Group ‘Access to Justice After the Election Debate:


And Template Letter asking for commitment to access to justice and legal aid from prospective parliamentary candidates



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