Recent cases involving covert recording

Lucy Reed has commented on her Pink Tape recently about a case that has been widely reported, where a father sewed bugs into his daughters school clothes and was severely criticised for it. In the blog she considers the significance of that judgment and the relevance... read more

Adoption – rhetoric and facts (again)

Last Sunday, the Prime Minister was widely quoted from the Sunday Times as being ‘unashamedly pro-adoption’ in describing the new Children and Social Work Bill announced later last week in the Queen’s Speech. The aims of the provisions in the Bill on... read more

CPConf2016 Manifesto

What do we want to achieve? This is a post by Sarah Phillimore, wearing her ‘conference organiser’ hat. The Transparency Project is supporting CPConf2016 as an example of an event that aims to improve public understanding of the family law system.  It is... read more

Section 20 Guidance Mark 2

Just a brief note to confirm we’ve now uploaded version 2 of the section 20 guidance having incorporated all your helpful feedback (sorry, some of us were on holiday so this was not as quick as we had hoped!) You can find version 2 here and in the Resources... read more

When Transparency Goes Wrong

This weekend a judgment from care proceedings was published on BAILII, late on Friday night. This is not unusual. But what was unusual was the fact that it was a judgment relating to a fact finding hearing in respect of sexual abuse to a young child, in which all the... read more

Adoption – where are we now?

Varying views and concerns have emerged in the weeks following the publication of the government paper on adoption in England. The policy landscape is still far from clear or agreed. The Supreme Court judgment published this week, on whether it is in the best... read more

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