Ellie Butler – some useful resources

This post draws together some commentary and explanation about the Ellie Butler case, for those who are trying to get to grips with it. It is not complete – we will add to it as time goes on. A summary of the background : Ellie Butler suffered injuries when she... read more

Can an adoption order be undone?

An adoption order made by a court in England and Wales is normally irreversible, once the time limits for appeal have passed. This premise will be under scrutiny in October, when a re-hearing of an earlier fact-finding family court decision is scheduled. In a case... read more

CPConf2016 – How did it go?

On 3rd June 2016, the Transparency Project hosted the second Child Protection conference aimed at examining and discussing how the child protection system operates in England and Wales. Having concluded last year that the system wasn’t fit for purpose, the... read more