Re W (Adoption: Contact) and the importance of basic steps to trace wider family in the early stages, for a childs chances of growing up within her birth family

Re W (Adoption: Contact) [2016] EWHC 3118 (Fam) is a family court decision by Cobb J in the High Court. The judgment explaining this decision has just been published. The case This was the re hearing of a decision about whether a (by then) 2 and a half year old girl... read more

Adoption: “Nothing else will do” and the impact of decisions much earlier in the child protection process about mental health assessments and provision of therapy

Gloucestershire County Council v M & Ors is a recently published case where a family court judge at circuit judge level applied routine, established law to the particular circumstances of a 9 month old baby boy and his vulnerable young mother. Through no fault of... read more

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